Do you want Emails from Grams?

Or perhaps the better question is, why wouldn’t you want an email from Grams? Everyday you face innumerable uncertainties, like whether or not today’s finally the day you’ll get fired, if you should text that person back, or if this whole restaurant can tell you’re crop dusting.

But there’s one thing for certain, and it’s that Grams loves you. She might be mildly abrasive and occasionally rude, but she’s probably drafting up another email to put a smile on your face right now. Let’s face it, that old broad has seen some shit and she knows that the little things that stress us out today won’t matter 30 years from now.

She just likes to keep in touch and let you know what shenanigans her neighbors are getting up to. It doesn’t matter if you already have a Grams, never had a Grams, lost your Grams, or hate your actual Grams; let me share my Grams with you.

How often does Grams send emails?

Between crocheting, toddling around on her bike, and gossiping, Grams is a busy lady. But, she usually sits down at the old PC every other week or so to share the news.

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Erika Lindquist
Humor and fiction writer. Work in Points in Case and Slackjaw.